Our agency

Our Women clients placed (season 2022/2023)100%
Our Men clients placed (season 2022/2023)87%
European leagues in our placements (season 2022/2023)82%
FIBA BAT decisions in our favour (since 2010)100%

About Final 4 Management

Final 4 Agency is an experienced company created in 2001. We represent women and men players in their career and their different choices. We are based in Europe where we have our main market, but we work for Asian, South American and Australian leagues as well. We speak English, German, French and Spanish and we are able to visit our players anywhere in Europe.

Our daily work... your well-being !

Our agency works every day for the best talents anywhere in the world… but we don’t stop our look on the simple basketball skills! Because we decided to place the communication on our top list, we know well our players, our partners and the world in which we are operating : This business is not simply a contract !

  • Guarantee about a contact 365 days a year
  • Your own web-profile with our videos service
  • Precise follow-up during the pre-contract period
  • Contract negotiations with FIBA mentions and guarantees
  • Knowledge of your future living conditions
  • Guarantee about our VISA expertise for travels
  • Health insurance & Taxes system competences
  • A regular contact during your presence in the team

About Services

Final 4 Management works with the Players and for the Players. Also, everything is clear and mentionned in our agency agreement on the FIBA model base with even a WNBA clause !

And, as it is a win-win system, the Players decide about the agreement duration.

This FIBA Agent representation is provided FREE OF CHARGE for the Players!


Final 4 Management posses its own FIBA AGENT licence and the guarantees from this certification for our players.

DBBL Licensed Agent

Final 4 Management is officialy registered as German licensed Agent by the DBBL.

WNPBA certification

Final 4 Management received its WNPBA certification in 2016.